Things to see in Padola!

Here’s always something to do when you’re on holiday in Val Comelico!

Things to see in Padola!


Pàdulä, as it is called in the local dialect, is one of the villages in the municipality of Comelico Superiore.

It welcomes You with the beautiful barns alongside the mountains. It’s surrounded by the Dolomites’ stunning peaks, the enchanting Val Grande and the beautiful hikes which start from our hotel.

In the center of the village there’s the Church of St. Luke the Evangelist, which dates back to the year 1869, and replaces the old church of the XIV century, of which you can see only the woody altar by now. The precious frescoes in the church were painted by the artist De Lorenzi.

Along the Padola’s creek, You can find La Stua, which is an ancient artificial dike which allowed the wood floating. It dates back to the XIV century, and it is the only dike of this kind left in Europe.

Right near the Museum of Alpine Culture, You can find Padola’s dairy. It is a must-see for the cheese-lovers.

If You love trees You will be enchanted by the tale of the Queen of the Val Comuna. It is located in Valgrande, near the sulphurous water spring located in Val Comuna, and it is the biggest tree in Val Comelico. It’s a red fir 50 meters high and is more than 200 years old.